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Its Fine Under the Brine!

Atlanta Fermentation Fest

We started this festival to gain a better understanding of fermentation, the history of traditional food preparation, and how it relates to our food system. The festival is a hands-on educational day of learning and sharing this information and the importance of fermentation with our community in a fun and impactful way.


Fermentation Fest Atlanta aims to:


  • Continue to grow awareness about fermentation and educate the community about the history and benefits of traditional food preparation.

  • Provide a hands-on education experience to treasure with friends and family

  • Devote a portion of profits to and highlight a local non-profit organization dedicated to the local food movement

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Schedule of Events

& Demos

Whether your an expert fermenter or a novice looking to get more information, at Fermentation Fest you'll find all you can want and more surrounding Fermentation. 

Stay tuned for a full schedule of workshops and demonstrations. 

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DIY Ferment Station


Emory University Science Corner


Georgia Tech Science Corner


Ferment sampling from vendors

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Culture Swap

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Cultured South

at Lee + White


Our host is Cultured South, Georgia’s first kombucha bar & fermentation marketplace and home to Golda Kombucha. Cultured South is located in the Lee + White development along the Atlanta Beltline in the West End.


Georgia's first kombucha bar and ferment marketplace.

1038 White Street, Atlanta, GA 30310

Moving toward a more harmonious way of life and greater resilience requires our active participation. This means finding ways to become more aware of and connected to the other forms of life that are around us and that constitute our food — plants and animals, as well as bacteria and fungi — and to the resources, such as water, fuel, materials, tools, and transportation, upon which we depend. It means taking responsibility for our shit, both literally and figuratively.
— Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation
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