Get Cultured

Because we wanted something that was more than a festival, we curated a day of lessons, hands on demonstrations, and educational seminars all surrounding fermentation. If you're new to fermentation or you're a master fermenter, sharpen your skills and learn the basics all at Fermentation Fest.


2019 Educational Programming

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Community Food: A brief history of ferments for human connection with Julia Skinner

Julia Skinner is founder and director of Root, a food history and fermentation organization in Atlanta, GA. She also works as a professional fermenter for restaurants and for private clients. She has extensive experience as a food history researcher, including her forthcoming book Afternoon Tea: A History (Rowman & Littlefield, edited by Ken Albala, 2019) and as a source for numerous popular press articles.

She has a doctorate in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University, and has published over a dozen single author scholarly articles, as well as reviews, co-authored academic works, and popular press pieces. Her work is unique among fermenters and food historians in that she regularly studies both subjects, as well as the intersections between them.

She is passionate about the Atlanta food community and about using food to spark conversations and serve and heal often overlooked spaces. She leads Queer Soup Night's Atlanta chapter, helps restaurants reduce food waste using fermentation, and works with various community organizations to lead fermentation workshops.

When she isn’t writing or in the kitchen, she enjoys spending time hiking and foraging, as well as traveling and spending time within the various creative communities she calls home.

You can follow Julia at @rootkitchens, @bookishjulia, or via and

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Sacred Terroir: The Flavor of Women in Brewing with Cherokee Moon Mixology

Cherokee Moon Mixology creates small-batch, apothecary style, artisan Apple Cider Vinegars. All locally fermented and "living with the mother" - Our brewing practices focus on whole food nutrition, preservation of regional foodways, and restorative sustainable farming. Our foraged and fermented, living nutrition products exemplify the bounty and flavor of this land.


Homebrew Demonstration with Kraig Torres of Hop City